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Melbourne Ikebana Festival

Visit Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival for the details.

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Wa: Ikebana Exhibition (Free) 
Curator: Rachel Iampolski
11am - 5pm, Saturday 31 August 2019
10am - 5pm, Sunday 1 September 2019
Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

Wa: Ikebana Exhibition Opening (Private Function)
10am - 11am, Saturday 31 August 2019
Invitation Only

Wa Ikebana Award
The winner of the Wa Ikebana Award 2019 will be announced during the opening ceremony.

Wa: Ikebana Exhibition Artists' Talk (Free)
11am - 12:00pm, Saturday 31 August 2019
Rosina Auditorium
Admission Free
Booking: Under Construction. Free tickets will be available on 1 July 2019.
Please note:
1. The number of tickets for Artists Talk is very limited.
2. If you could not obtain a ticket online, you may be able to see Artists Talk from a distance. Please follow advice from our floor managing staff. Your safety is our first priority. 
3. If it is too crowded, however, please come back to Rosina after 1pm…